Industrie-Verpackungsgesellschaft mbH

IVG was founded as an industrial packaging company in 1974. The main focus of its production is the manufacturing and sale of pallets and crates as well as custom pallet solutions for the industrial, trade and commercial applications.


Our product

Euro pallets 120 x 800 mm

Sawn chipboard as per customer request

Trestle supports (e.g. 1800x1800 mm; 1650x1050 mm)

Crates made of 18 cm boards

12 mm or 15 mm plywood boxes with inner supports

Custom pallets as per customer request

We hope that we were able to give you an overview of our products, and we are available for any questions you may have.

Your contact: Mr Majkic

Telephone: +49 (0)551/385280