Planing Mill

The heart of our company is our production. On 6 planing lines, we manufacture more than 100 different articles. For our production we mainly use sawn timber from Northern European countries. Primarily the wood species are Spruce, Siberian Larch, Red Cedar, Hemlock, Sliver fir, Douglas fir and also German Larch.

Due to the flexibility of our production units, we are able to also fulfil special customer requests. Computer-supported sorting units guarantee consistent product quality, which also meet the highest requirements.

Since 2013 Holz Henkel is the first planing mill in Germany which is monitored by a third party. As a full member of the VEH (Association of the European Planing Mill Industry), we sort a large portion of our own produced goods according to the valid sorting standard of the VEH. These qualities are reviewed annually by Holzforschung Austria and compliance is then confirmed through the VEH quality seal.